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Cobalt Sulfate Monohydrate

Cobalt Sulfate Monohydrate

It is a pink powder, soluble in water.
It is used for feed or coating industries.

Cobalt Sulfate
Formula: CoSO4. H2O
CAS No.: 13455-34-0
Properties: It is a pink powder, soluble in water.

Specification (%):

Assay (Co)
Size (through 100 mesh)

33 min
0.002 max
0.002 max
0.002 max
0.002 max
0.002 max
0.002% max

Application: The paint industry is used as a paint drier. The ceramic industry is used as a colored porcelain glaze. The chemical industry is used to make cobalt-containing pigments and as a raw material for the production of various cobalt salts. The battery industry is used as an additive for alkaline batteries and lithopone. In addition, it is also used as a catalyst, an analytical reagent, and the like.
Used for electroplating cobalt, battery, cobalt pigment, ceramic, enamel, glaze and as catalyst, foam stabilizer, drier.

Storage: Store at a dry  place. Avoid heating and damp.
Packing: net 25kg bags or drums.

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